Richard Gill OAM - Music

Richard Gill

The Arts Unit music programs for NSW public school students and teachers is an incredibly valuable resource affirming the power of music in children’s lives

Richard Gill OAM is one of Australia’s pre-eminent conductors and is internationally respected as a music educator, specialising in opera, musical theatre and vocal and choral training. His work in developing young musicians and creating opportunities for them is recognised worldwide.

In addition to his role as Artistic Director of the Sydney Symphony’s Education Program, he is Music Director of Victorian Opera (since its inception in 2006). He has also been Artistic Director of OzOpera, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra, is a conductor for the Ears Wide Open program (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) and Advisor for the Musica Viva in Schools program. He regularly conducts main stage performances for Opera Australia and major Australian orchestras.

Richard Gill has used his scholarship, talents and love of music to educate and enthuse people from all walks of life about the riches and joy that music brings. He has been a consistent and powerful advocate for music in people’s lives for over 50 years. A naturally gifted teacher and passionate in his love of music, he has been at the forefront of music education in Australia. He has inspired and led the development of programs to introduce music to young people and to enhance music learning and skills development at infants, primary, secondary school levels and beyond, as well as professional learning programs for teachers.