Speaking Competitions

Speaking Competitions comprises three main areas: debating, public speaking and spelling. The skills and development promoted by each program include oracy, teamwork, research, the ability to engage in contemporary issues as well as the ability to respond to arguments and approach topics from unfamiliar perspectives.


DebatingDebating Thumbnail

A variety of competitions for primary and secondary schools teams including the Premier's Debating Challenge. In addition there are a number of programs for exceptional debaters in different age groups.


Public Speaking

There are three public speaking competitions designed to develop confidence, communication and speech-writing skills

Spelling Bee

A fun and educational way for primary school students to engage with spelling
improving literacy in combination with the English K-6 Syllabus

Multicultural public speaking finalists

Training and Resources

High quality, engaging courses for primary students, secondary students
Accredited training and resources for teachers, at venues around NSW


Hall of Fame

Past winners of debating, public speaking and spelling compettitions