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Visit  School A-Z for a free online spelling bee game. School A to Z is a free website to help parents of school-aged children, with articles, videos and factsheets on homework, child wellbeing and technology.

View the Most Commonly Misspelt Words from the past four years of the Premier's Spelling Bee for an idea of which words cause students the most trouble:

 PSB Most Commonly Misspelt Words (PDF)
 PSB Most Commonly Misspelt Words (Word)
 PSB Most Commonly Misspelt Words (Excel)

Spelling Activities

The document below has been developed through suggestions from School Spelling Bee Coordinators who have previously participated in the Premier’s Spelling Bee. It contains activity ideas that can be used in the in-school phase of the competition as a way of selecting Regional representatives, as well as ways to vary the teaching of spelling, and motivate students to improve their spelling.

[pdf] School Activity Ideas & Suggestions [ 350 KB]

Strategies in the following document can be used by teachers to reinforce the four forms of spelling knowledge (phonologic, visual, morphemic & etymological) and encourage students to integrate and use these strategies in the appropriate contexts.

[pdf] Effective Classroom Practices [139 KB]

Spelling Tips

These 10 tips from Susan Butler, editor of the Macquarie Dictionary, will help teachers, contestants and their parents with some of the trickier aspects of spelling. Macquarie Dictionary is the official word list supplier for the Premier's Spelling Bee.

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