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2014 Adjudicator Training Courses


Adjudicator Training

Getting Registered

The Arts Unit pays adjudicator fees for all debates in the Premier's Debating Challenge and for all events in The Plain English Speaking Award, the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award and the Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition. To get paid for your help, we need to get you registered as an adjudicator.

The most important step is to complete a Working With Children Check, which is required for anyone working in NSW schools. All adjudicators must submit a Working With Children Check Form and undergo screening before they begin working in schools. If you’re new to adjudication, it’s something we’ll take care of at a training day. For existing adjudicators, if you have not completed these forms or if you are unsure as to whether you have been screened, please contact The Arts Unit immediately. Download the forms and information here.

Once you’ve been trained and cleared to work in schools, your name and contact details will go on a list of qualified adjudicators available to teachers. After you’ve done a few debates or public speaking finals, you’ll need to submit a pay claim form.

Claiming for the First Time

When you’re ready to claim for the first time, contact Tony Davey at You’ll be sent a banking details form to complete and send back so that money can be paid directly into your account. You’ll also need to complete a tax file number declaration form (those are available free at any newsagency). Once you’ve completed both of those forms, post them to “Speaking Competitions Coordinator”, Locked Bag 3003, SUMMER HILL 2130. The forms will be used to create you as a casual employee of the NSW Department of Education & Communities. It’s worth noting that if you’ve worked for the department before, you might not need to complete these forms, so be sure and let us know if that’s the case.

Filling in the Adjudicator Pay Claim Form

You can download a copy of the adjudicator pay claim form using the link below. It’s an excel spreadsheet that is designed to be filled out on the computer, not by hand. Alternatively, you can contact Tony Davey at the email above and you’ll be sent a personalised claim form with your details and signature attached. If you’re claiming for the first time, you won’t have an employee ID number yet. Just leave that space blank – the number will appear on the first pay slip we send out to you.

To download the 2014 Pay Claim Form click here

After completing a job, enter the date of the adjudication in the left hand column of the adjudicator claim form. You should enter the date in the format DD/MM/YY, and once you leave that column it will expand to show the day and the full date. Next, enter the code for the competition you adjudicated in the "Comp" column. You will only be able to enter one of the recognised codes. Once you enter the code, the "Rate" column will automatically be filled in. Then fill in the Region column with the correct code (don’t worry if you’re not completely sure what region the event was in – we’ll correct it if you’re wrong). Finally, fill in the details of the debate or public speaking event and move on to the next line.

Start a new line for each adjudication that you do. If you can ensure that you enter your adjudications in chronological order, your pay will be processed faster. You don’t need to wait until every line is full to submit the adjudicator pay claim form – your claims will be easier to process if they’re sent in every fortnight or so. Once you are ready to submit a form, you should fill in all the personal information at the top, paste your signature at the bottom, and email the form to If you can’t paste your signature, you’ll need to print off the completed form, sign it and post it to Speaking Competitions Coordinator, Locked Bag 3003, SUMMER HILL 2130.

You should save a copy of the completed form for your own records, and then clear the form and start again. Be careful not to submit a claim twice for the same adjudication.

Finally, please be aware that these forms are only to be used to claim adjudicator fees in the Premier's Debating Challenge, The Plain English Speaking Award, the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award and the Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition. When making arrangements with a school, make sure you are clear as to which competition is involved. There are lots of smaller local competitions around the state and schools will pay privately for work in those competitions.


If you encounter any problems downloading or completing the adjudicator pay claim form, have any questions about adjudicator pay, or to need obtain copies of the banking details and tax file number declaration forms, please contact Tony Davey at The Arts Unit on 02 8512 1171 or


Professional Learning

High quality, engaging professional learning, accredited by the NSW Institute of Teachers is available to support all the Art Unit programs.

Students are not the only ones who benefit from participation in Arts Unit activities. Teachers also receive the opportunity for professional development by attending the Professional Learning workshops. NSW public schools teachers can attend targeted professional learning and development workshops where they develop their knowledge and skills about training debating teams and adjudicating skills. This enables teachers to develop their school based debating program and prepare their teams more thoroughly for the state based competitions.

A two day course for secondary school teachers will be held at The Arts Unit, Lewisham on dates to be confirmed.